Welcome, Brave Soul.

I'm Marchell and it's a pleasure to meet you.



I Can Guide You Through This Journey.

I’ll help you find your footing and your essence. My guidance can open doors that give you the chance to find and pursue a life you’ll love.

I’ll help you Find the Strength to Heal a Broken Spiritual Network

An effective life coach and healer has both empathy and experience.  My experience includes

  • Certified Intuitive Practitioner
  • Certified to Read the Akashi Records
  • Bachelor’s degree in Metaphysics
  • Bachelor’s degree in Sociology
  • Master’s degree in Counseling & Psychology
  • Board Certified Life Coach
  • Certified Emotion Code Practitioner
  • Reiki Master Practitioner

Live the Life You’ll Love

I’ve built my career around one goal: helping others find their true passion in life. My clients become unstuck from the challenges that hold them back. I help them become truly happy.

With more than two decades of work in the field of helping others, I have the experience to help you transform your life. You’re a beautiful soul, no matter how you may feel at the moment or how frustrating life seems to be.

Through positive energy healing I will help you:

  • uncover your true potential
  • break down the self-imposed barriers holding you back (and would you believe that we’re rarely even aware we’ve put those barriers there?)
  • drive forth to a newfound love and enthusiasm for life.

If you’re ready for your new, refreshing, and brilliant life to begin, I’m here to guide you along that journey. Let’s take those first vital steps, shall we?

What Is Intuitive Coaching?

Intuitive coaching helps people break free of the challenges that keep them rooted (or stuck) in one place in life. It’s easy to become bogged down and overburdened – not just with current life challenges, but also with challenges from the past.

Through intuition, an experienced and knowledgeable healer helps you find your footing, essence, and what it truly means to live a life you love.

What Is Energy Healing?

There are many misconceptions about energy healing. At its root, energy healing helps people transform the negative energy that controls and manipulates their life into positive forces that effect true, lasting change. Energy healing can move an individual from a broken state of anxiety, fear, depression, and even doubt to one of confidence, assurance, and hope.


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