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Words of Gratitude and Healing Experiences

It’s difficult to describe how incredibly gifted and talented Marchell is as an intuitive. What I’ve witnessed is that she is able to connect with higher dimensions of consciousness and to receive images and information that accurately describe our present life situations and influences, as well as past life incarnations and future probabilities. A session with Marchell is an amazing experience, which sometimes feels like a journey to your very soul.

I’ve had the privilege of receiving a variety of different types of sessions from Marchell. Each has added richness to the landscape of my life and has led to greater self-awareness and self-understanding. I now know more about who I am and the incredible journeys I’ve been on in past lives. Her intuitive insights have helped to explain why I’ve experienced some of the events in my life and what I’m meant to learn from them.

Every time I have a session with Marchell, I feel uplifted and empowered and I know that I’ve been healed on some level. Marchell has helped me make sense of my life and have deepened my understanding of where I fit in the universe and what universal purpose I serve. I never know what area of my life Marchell is going to tap into when she reads me, but I do know that it will be relevant and will benefit me in some way. To participate in a session with Marchell is to receive a gift of healing and self-

Naomi, California

My life prior to working with Marchell was very undesirable, I was hurting in rollercoaster relationship.
My thoughts was all over the place, I was all over the place. I could not function as a normal person at work, out with my friends, home alone, and neither in the relationship.I had no energy and no clarity about anything.
My time with Ms.Coleman help me with my personal development, clarity,my relationship, compromising, and other things that were going on with me. Changing my thoughts helped me to become more of a optimists person. I started to view things in a more positive way.
As a woman in an unhealthy relationship I have gained my power back, I know longer support another persons desires and put mine on hold, and I feel empowered and motivated.
Trapped emotions gave me the most value. It took me to a part of myself I had no
ideal existed. Past hurts and disappointments was blocking me from moving forward.
The most unique part is I can truly be myself and not be judge.When I first met her my spirit truly agreed with her, it was something on the inside of me said don’t be afraid to talk with her, she is an approachable person and responds to you directly.  This coaching experience has allowed me to release stress, fear, and  worry. I have nothing but great gratitude for Ms. Coleman.
Yolunda, Georgia

My time together with Marchell’s programs impacted my conscious actions by creating an awareness of reforming the energy that I exude and what will come back to me. I changed my actions by using affirmations and meditations where as I had not been before.  Personal impacts that I have noticed in my life from by working through the best version curriculum is attacking negative thinking, worry, and anxieties at the core and visualizing myself with the victory or desire. I don’t have tension in my neck/shoulder area anymore after releasing trapped emotions. The specific part of the curriculum or exercise that gave me the most value is the healing portion and releasing trapped emotions. My experience was unique from other coaches or services due to Marchell’s gifted ability to marry the spiritual intuitiveness with the psychological aspects.

There was a specific time in the process that with the help of Marchell aided in me recognizing a “Better Version of Myself”. There was a universal storm one day where everything was going wrong, but I could self-correct errors and think of how I could have done better without blaming it on anyone else.  I did not determine Marchell was the right coach for me, God did. The first moment I interacted with Marchell on the phone was at a time of frustration, desperation, and uncertainty for me we instantly clicked by her confirming a lot of my thoughts, she could put into words and provide an understanding that was undeniable.

L.Thomas, Georgia

Our health is not just a matter of our physiology. Our health in this moment is a blend of past, present and future in forms of energy. I have had the pleasure and experienced the gift of multiple sessions with Marchell. Through that process I have learned much about how the energy that we bring forward with us and move through daily colors our life. Trust in the wisdom and the tools Marchell uses to guide you to a higher level of understanding of yourself and your relationship with the environment and those around you.  You will make more informed decisions about how you want to proceed with your life.

It will be a life-changing experience.

Very few people can accurately access what Marchell can and bring it forward to you so that you can increase your ability to move forward with a brighter and healthier experience in your life. Trust the process and the inner wisdom that you have. Marshall is a fabulous wise guide.

Jan, California

I would like to discuss the advantages of being “Coached” personally and spiritually by Marchell Coleman.  It all started about a year ago when I called Marchell who I first knew as a counselor to talk about a relationship issue that I was experiencing. This is when she introduced me to “Coaching”.  She began to explain what coaching was and what it entailed.  After hearing what she was offering thru the coaching process, I immediately said yes.  She started with a step by step process that would help us look at the situation at hand.  After a few sessions with Marchell, we could grasp a hold of what we were dealing with and knew the proper steps to take.  The coaching not only helped us in a great time of need, but also kept our marriage together as well.  This is when the spiritual part of coaching became our main source of communication.

There is something to say when you have been “spiritually” coached.  This process is so dynamic, because it starts your session with a powerful prayer given by Marchell.  I don’t know about anyone else, but staring anything with a prayer can only lead your situation in a positive direction.  This is when you get the “true gift” of Marchell. She then begins to speak words that come straight from God into your life.  This not only gives you hope, but will help you get your personal life in order.  So, in essence, coaching is very beneficial to all people who not only have personal issues, but need to hear a deeper intuitive insight.

Because of our coaching experience, it helped us stay grounded knowing that in the end of all life’s trials that we face, being coached personally and spiritually is definitely an asset to your life.


Thanks for putting all things in perspective for us through the gift that God has blessed you with.

Alicia, Georgia

My life prior to this program was a mess. I was very indecisive about choices to make. I felt confused about what I was doing with my life. I felt that I was stuck, not making progress in may part of my life. I wanted change so bad that I would make impulsive decisions based off my emotions, which most time led to putting myself in worse situations financially, emotionally, and spiritually.

My time working with Marchell has made a great impact on my conscious actions. She gives me the basic tools I need to thoroughly research what I want in my life and for my life. She guides me through the steps I need to take and holds me accountable to stay on track of my desires. As a result, I have changed my approach by making every action an intentional action that moves towards my desires being met.

The releasing of trapped emotions was the most valuable to me. This gave me insight to what negative emotions that I was holding on to unconsciously concerning specific desires I wanted to achieve. Releasing the negative emotions with Marchell gave insight to what age the emotion came, and what part of the body the emotion if harbored in. This release gives me a relief in weight spiritually that I was unaware that I have been carrying around. This provides me with a self-check on what positive emotion I need to attain to replace the negative emotion released. I love the fact that we can bang out a practical exercise and have an intuitive/prophetic session concerning the exercise, all in the same session. This is my first time every using a coach and first time using professional services from anyone.

Dorothy, Georgia

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